The Scottish History Society

Suggested reading

Classic studies and texts

  • A. Mackenzie, The History of the Highland Clearances (Inverness, 1883)
  • A. H. Miller (ed.) A Selection of the Forfeited Estates Papers preserved in H M General Register House and elsewhere (Edinburgh: Scottish History Society, 1909)
  • E. R. Creegan, Argyll Estate Instructions (Edinburgh: Scottish History Society, 1964)
  • J. Prebble, The Highland Clearances (Harmondsworth, 1969)
  • R. J. Adam (ed.), Papers on Sutherland Estate Management, 1780-1820, 2 vols., (Edinburgh: Scottish History Society, 1972)
  • E. Richards, The Leviathan of Wealth: the Sutherland fortune in the Industrial Revolution (London, 1973)
  • J. Hunter, The Making of the Crofting Community (Edinburgh, 1976)

Most recent books

  • E. Richards, Patrick Sellar and the Highland Clearances: homicide, eviction and the price of progress (Edinburgh, 1999)
  • E. A. Cameron, Land for the People? The British Government and the Scottish Highlands, c.1880-c.1925 (East Linton, 1996)
  • A. Macinnes, Clanship, Commerce and the House of Stuart (East Linton, 1996)
  • E. Richards, The Highland Clearances (Edinburgh, 2000)
  • E. Richards, Debating the Highland Clearances (Edinburgh, 2007)



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