The Scottish History Society

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Enquiries regarding the Society should be addressed in the first instance to:

The Honorary Secretary:

Dr Katie Stevenson
School of History 
University of St Andrews 
St Andrews KY16 9AL  
Katie Stevenson

Enquiries regarding publication proposals should be addressed to the Publication Secretary
(Please note that the Society only publishes edited primary sources of historical significance: other types of manuscripts cannot be considered for publication).
Enquiries regarding digitisation should be addressed to the Communications Officer.

Office bearers


Professor Ted Cowan

Professor Ted Cowan

 Convener of Council


Professor Dauvit Broun
Scottish History
School of Humanities
9 University Gardens
University of Glasgow 
Glasgow G12 8QQ

Dauvit Broun

 Hon. Treasurer

Dr Alan MacDonald
Department of History 
University of Dundee 
Dundee DD1 4HN

Alan MacDonald

General Editor &
Publications Secretary

Dr Ulrike Hogg
National Library of Scotland
George IV Bridge

Dr Ulrike Hogg
Communications Officer
Dr Alison Cathcart
University of Strathclyde
School of Humanities
McCance Building
16 Richmond Street
Glasgow G1 1XQ
Dr Alison Cathcart

Please note that the Society does not deal with individual genealogical and historical enquiries. Please consult the Links page for names and addresses of organisations that provide these services.