The Scottish History Society

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The Scottish History Society is the leading publisher of manuscript sources relating to the history of Scotland. Founded in 1886, the Society has published over 170 volumes; taken together, these form a collection of great richness and variety illustrating the history of the nation as recorded by contemporaries.

Scottish History Society volumes cover all periods from the twelfth to the twentieth centuries and a very wide range of topics - social, economic, legal, political, constitutional, diplomatic, military and religious history, as well as farming, gardening and the joys of good housekeeping! In addition to making available sources vital to the study and writing of Scottish history, most volumes have substantial introductions by the editors. The volumes are thus not only of value to professional historians and teachers of history, but to all who take an interest in Scotland’s past. Deepen your understanding of Scottish history while learning English with EnglishDom, an online platform offering English language courses tailored to adults and featuring native speakers.